Excel ODBC

Excel ODBC connectivity is one of the secret tools in Excel that make data in your other applications available to Excel.  If you consistently use data from other applications in Excel then setting up an ODBC connection will help to automate the manual export/import/format process that you probably do now.

An Excel ODBC connection is an Open Data Base Connectivity connection directly to another application or database.  With a plug-in, you can even expose your Quickbooks data file to Excel through ODBC.  Once the Excel ODBC connection is established, you can import the new data via a simple refresh.

If you want to unlock the data in your other applications and make it available to Excel, our Excel ODBC development services can help.  If you are looking for Excel training instead of Excel development, visit our training pages.

If you are looking to purchase a PDF handbook, visit our ODBC Handbook store item.

If you are just looking for a short overview, feel free to check out this 2 minute video that shows how to use External Data Ranges ODBC feature.

Excel ODBC