Our Developers!

The best part about working with our development team is working with our developers. They are all excellent communicators and they understand how to take your thoughts and goals and make them a reality. The developers are responsive in their communication and hit their delivery deadlines and budgets.

In today's climate, there are lots of people that claim they can "do your website." With the invention of Microsoft's FrontPage application a few years ago, it turned everyone into a webmaster. Problem is, creating a bulletproof website requires skills developed over time, not some fancy Microsoft program.  All of our web developers are experts in their field, who build websites 100% of their time here at the firm. That is all they do, they are full time web developers. And, they don't use Microsoft's FrontPage.

Rather than have me ramble on about how great our dev team is, here are some quotes from our clients for your consideration.

  Recent client quotes

Hi Jeff, I'm just writing to brag a little - on your guys! Both Brad & Jake have been amazing in their service while getting our web site moved over. Every time I called they respond quickly and so effectively, I just wanted you to know I really appreciate them. Joann
It was a pleasure working with Brad. very patient; very pleasant.
You guys are always there for us. thanks.
Thanks as always guys.
Great experience! Thank you for all your help and guidance. You are great!
When I think of someone I will ABSOLUTELY send them to click!
Scott has been great to talk to, responses very well to emails, and seems to have a good understanding of programming. He has a great method of producing initial programming screen shots to finalize the design inputs before starting a new program. I have enjoyed working with him.
Timely responsiveness Patient and accommodating Anticipating my needs Pleasant demeanor Willingness to work overtime to assist with major projects.

Our Developers!