Our Process

We've developed a production process over the years that results in many benefits for our clients, specifically: proper planning, efficient production, status meetings, launch support, and continuing maintenance.

Our planning process starts with the preparation of a "site map."  We have found that spending time up front planning saves lots of time in production, and makes the production process as efficient as possible.

For the "design" or look and feel of your project, we have two options.  Start with a design from our Design Gallery or do a custom design. 

As a result of the planning process, the production process is very efficient.  We start off the production process with a "project plan" which identifies staffing resources, time lines, deliverables, milestones, and dates.  Then, we execute according to the plan.  During the production process, we have regularly scheduled status meetings so that you'll see the project being built and will have input during the build.

Once everything looks good and you approve, we'll launch your project.  If you and your staff require training, we'll provide that as well. 

Post-Launch Support
After your project launches, we'll be here for you.  We will provide ongoing maintenance and support.  Our developers will still be available.  And, if you end up wanting changes or enhancements, we'll be here to provide them.

Our process ensures that your project is built in a timely and efficient manner, within budget, and to specifications.

Our Process